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Welcome to my new website/blog!

While I have been in full-time private practice for 6 years, I have felt God leading me to change over the past year. I decided to leave Transforming Life Counseling Center, which gave me much support and guidance to embark on a new location.

Although part of me resisted change, I am eager to branch out into new areas in my counseling practice. This period or my life gives me empathy for many of my clients as I help them navigate through areas of their life they may have apprehension about.

I have been reading a great book from Kurt Thompson titled, “The Soul of Shame.” Dr Thompson spoke at a conference TLCC sponsored in 2019. Hey, it just took me a couple of years to get to it! I loved the way Dr. Thompson made chemistry of the brain understandable to me. While much of the book gets into technical areas of neuro-biology that I won’t bore you with, There is a couple of areas I found impactful for me.

First, when when we experience shame as a child, the area of the brain that experiences shame becomes isolated from the rest of the brain when we feel shame or guilt. This also causes us to want to isolate from others as well. Ever wonder why you want to withdraw from social interaction when you are shamed or feel guilty?

The other thing I liked about the book is that it goes into how God wants us to go to Him when we feel shame, as He didn’t “shame” Adam and Eve during The Fall, questioning them in a cognitive manner, without any negative tone. God always wants us to come to Him, without judgment or condemnation.

I look forward to working with both new and current clients and thoroughly enjoy what I do!

Kevin Tutty, LPC

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