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Kevin Tutty LPC

Therapy Sessions



 I see adults for primarily anxiety, trauma, anger and depression for various situations in their lives, including difficulties in relationships.




I currently see children ages 10 and up for ADHD, anxiety, depression and explosive/anger symptoms.



I see adolescents for the same symptoms as children, utilizing a developmentally appropriate approach.


Autism Spectrum

I have experience in working with adults, children and adolescents that have high-functioning autism. These clients often are mis-diagnosed with other diagnoses as they appear with  symptoms of Autism. The Autism Spectrum presents with multiple symptoms that may not be seen as Autism.

Getting Help

I am ready to help you in your journey to improving self-care, self-discovery or managing symptoms. Even if you are new to therapy, I would like you to at ease when you contact me. Please feel free use the contact form below or call and we will get back with you ASAP to get you started! When you call we can let you know if we accept your insurance plan. 

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